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Korruption Kills
Part Two

Mickey is fighting mad. Someone pushed him into the river and he nearly drowned. Once he got out, his first priority is to find the guilty party, even if it means travelling four thousand miles from his home in Salford, England to the heart of Africa. Unfortunately, he isn’t the only one making this scarey journey. The British government has decided they have too many Boat People arriving on their shores, uninvited, and have decided to fly them to the same remote location, a disturbing, politically unstable country, where violence and bribery are commonplace.

About The Author

Free-wheeling author Mike Scantlebury confuses a lot of readers. Most days he writes adventurous stories, but he has so many other creative interests as well, it’s hard keeping up. Sure, you can find his books in all good online book-stores, but there’s e-books and paperbacks too, as well as a slew of audio-books that he’s narrated himself. Is that why he’s on Sound Cloud? No, he’s also got songs up there, as well as podcasts. You can also find him on You Tube. Talking about writing? Of course, but also performing, (songs, yes, and he’s also made a series of short drama movies, with local friends).

Mike Scantlebury
Entrepreneur, Writer and Speaker.

Complete Series

Complete Series

Mike Scantlebury has authored two complete series, featuring his local heroes, ‘Mickey’ (from Manchester) and ‘The Amelia Hartliss Mysteries’ series. These two lovely people know each other well, and sometimes crossover and feature in each other’s stories. Mostly they get entangled in adventures in the North West of England, but they have been known to travel and when that happens, the rest of the world better watch out (places like Rwanda).
Luckily, the books have all been numbered, but that doesn’t mean you have to encounter each novel in turn. The tales are written as stand-alone thrillers, so dip in, pick and mix, tumble them around, as you see fit. The crime fiction, the Mysteries, and the thrills, will all be there, no matter where you start.

What Readers Are Saying

Here are some reviews by Readers

This is a brilliant read. Wonderful well written plot and story line that had me engaged from the start. Love the well fleshed out characters and found them believable. Great suspense and action with wonderful world building. Can’t wait to read what the author brings out next. Recommend reading.


Review on Book

Very interesting read, love the chemistry and mix of characters. A lot of thought has gone in to the plot/story.

roseann ferrier

Review on Book

It’s a belter of a story, involving a local Chinese restaurant empire made up of warring siblings, arrogant American agents sent over to ‘oversee’ the British operation, a shady European terrorist group known as ‘Le Quest’ whose loyalties are at best questionable, and an apparent attempt to disrupt Sino-British relations by re-enacting the events that led up to World War One – in Salford, Greater Manchester! The author certainly knows his history, and has more than a passing acquaintance with the workings of MI6 – I’m not surprised that this series has its die-hard fans!

Rosie B

Review on Book

A fast paced, action driven, Chandleresque detective / spy style thriller with an interesting premise. The plot takes all the twists and turns you might expect from this genre, without overwhelming the reader. If you enjoy the detective-noir genre there’s a good chance you’ll like this book.

Chris Barker

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Mickey needs a rest. He has only just escaped from his flying visit to Rwanda, but he barely gets off the plane before he was mixed up with the other refugees and asylum seekers and flung into prison. Meanwhile his position as Boss of Corsh Corporation has been seized by a distance cousin from Canada and his regular team are completely bound up in trying to meet the government’s commitment to supply arms to Ukraine. The guns need to go, not get highjacked! Luckily Mickey finds a colleague from his past who is on hand to help. They make a lovely couple.

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